Travel Tags Named PEAK 2012 Grand Award Winner for the Plastic Cards - Gift Cards Category

Nordstrom Blades CardINVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN – Travel Tags, Inc., and Nordstrom were honored at the 2012 Print Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) Awards and selected as the Grand Award winner in PEAK’s “Plastic Cards-Gift Cards” category for their Blades of Grass Gift Card. The Awards were hosted by The Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA).

The card was printed for Nordstrom, and was designed by fashion designer Ruben Toledo. Travel Tags’ production experts came up with a construction that made the artwork come to life. The card was constructed in a unique manner using a right read, wrong read technique with foil attached to the back. It allows the card to have a 3D feel and a good sense of depth without having to use a 3D lenticular lens. It also gives the cardholder the illusion of blades of grass swaying in the wind.

“When you’re in this business, you see a lot of great looking cards... but every now and then, there’s one that really stands out as ‘special.’ This was one of those cards. The moment it came off press, we were all smiles and knew that the Blades of Grass Gift Card was going to be a memorable design. It was a lot of fun working through the design concepts with our customer and creating a construction that would enhance their design. We were all so pleased with how this one came out,” said Jodi Belden, Sales Representative at Travel Tags, Inc.

The PEAK Awards is a prestigious competition that honors the work of print professionals who have met their customers’ printing needs by providing outstanding value-added products and services through creativity in design, production, fulfillment and other services while solving problems or improving business functions.

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