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Our Mission:

To work as engaged teams creating growth for brands through innovative, consultative solutions.

The History of Travel Tags


Over forty years ago...

Travel Tags, founded in 1973, entered the scene manufacturing luggage tags and travel accessories. Between 1973 and 1999, Travel Tags printed phone cards, promotional products and millions and millions of POGS. In 1993 Travel Tags became part of Taylor Corporation. In 1999, Travel Tags produced its first stored value Gift Card and quickly shifted its focus to Gift Card innovation and improvements.

Today, Travel Tags has positioned itself as one of the largest Gift Card Manufacturers in the United States, with reach around the globe.

Travel Tags Leadership


AL RAUSCH  |  President
With more than 22 years of industry experience, Al leads Travel Tags, Inc. with a focus on converting the deep rooted engineering and manufacturing disciplines to continued growth within both current and new markets.

Brad leads the Accounting and Finance functions for all of Travel Tags, Inc. He has 30+ years’ experience in a variety of industries.

JOHN TOMCZYK  |  Innovation, Sales & Marketing
John has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, has a Master in Management Technology, and is the sole or co-inventor of more than a dozen printing/dimensional imaging related patents. His focus is on advanced printing technologies, business development, process innovation, revenue growth strategy planning and customer relationships.

MARDI FELLOWS | Human Resources
Mardi has extensive experience in leading HR teams and partnering with business leaders to achieve results by cultivating a workplace where people can thrive, grow and be engaged in the core purpose and values of the company.

RODNEY BLUIETT  |  Operations
Rodney leads the Operations functions for all of Travel Tags, Inc. With more than 20 years of management experience across multiple industries, Rodney focuses on strengthening manufacturing and other Operations support functions to achieve annual improvements in efficiencies and cost savings to drive enhancements in the customer service experience and sustainment of business growth.

Virtual Images lenticular printingLenticular Printing

Virtual Images is the historical incubator for lenticular printing innovation and production prowess. As the lenticular and specialty print arm of Travel Tags, Virtual Images benefits from its Southern California location, its global sales team and its direct affiliation to the world-class production facilities of Travel Tags.

Whether you're looking to purchase a complex injection molded lenticular cup, a stunning 3D movie poster, or eye-catching lenticular shelf dangler/POP display, the Virtual Images design staff can provide a depth of technical and creative expertise that helps marketers, publishers and advertising agencies break through the clutter to engage consumers and build their brands.

For more on Virtual Images lenticular and specialty printing, visit their website.